Small rituals

Event Horizon What have you unlearnt about God? [August 2014] The Elijah Complex A riff on 1 Kings 19 [October 2013] The Lord's Prayer as bad Powerpoint Correct form of address required [May 2012] The even greater silence How do we wait for God? How long do we wait for God? [December 2009] Gifts with strings Terms and conditions apply [February 2009] Summer is over Where is your bird migrating to? [September 2006] Discipline service liturgy Grace [February 2006] We hang our lives upon your mercy We cannot run the race alone [February 2006] Slow liturgy [my parts] If we slow the movie down, what will we see? [August 2004] The denial of the Resurrection News management is an important skill [May 2004] Trinity prayer Three is the magic number [June 2003] John 21 meditation You are alone, on a boat in a lake... [May 2003] The visit of the Magi In whose game are you a pawn? [December 2002] This is your life 80: first motorised wheelchair, third marriage [to 25 year old] [September 2002] What would Jesus wear? If Jesus were on earth today, which brands would he wear? [February 2002] How long would you wait? 2 seconds? 20 years? A lifetime? [November 2001] Luxuries or necessities Which necessities are really necessary? [August 2001] Dreams liturgy Our dreams of the promised land are in one another's hands [April 2001] Doors The kingdom of God has many points of entry [January 2001] mountain:valley:plain The mountains and the valleys will not be denied [January 2001] Desert Maybe you could have a desert in your lunchbox [August 2000] possibility - resistance To be the person God has made you is the beginning of resistance [November 1999] Noise We can't hear the signal [October 1999] Make your own worship Grace's easy-to-use 'alternative worship' kit [April 1999] Yes please no thanks Sandals versus sneakers [April 1999] Lent Eucharist Lent might be a clearing of undergrowth to allow the sun and the rain to touch the soil of our being [March 1999] Reading the Bible How do you read the Bible? [February 1999] Identity What is the irreducible, hardcore you? [February 1998]