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21.01.21 / 01 / modernist vs postmodernist objects

The modernist object tells you about itself

in the background until needed
simple and self-explanatory
good enough for everybody

The postmodernist object tells everyone about you

conspicuous consumption
elaboration and concealment
quality reserved for a few

10.01.21 / 01 / now responsive

It only took me 7 years to do it. In 2014 I rebuilt it as a sketch for a responsive site, but didn't do the responsive bit. The Grace site followed on using the same format and was responsive. I never got back to fixing the labyrinth site although I was embarrassed by its failure to work on a phone.

Now there is another issue - the online labyrinth is made in Flash and is becoming inaccessible to most users. This is a pity as its low-res animations are still delightful. I will make screen recordings that can at least be watched and heard, although the interactivity won't be there.

The labyrinth website (and the online labyrinth) will be 20 years old in September. I was busy 20 years ago.

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