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12.05.21 / 01 / logo redesign (again)

sorry about all this messing about with the logo. every time i think i've nailed it, and then i think, "no"...

and you have to wait for the browser cache to catch up again.

what i'm aiming for these days is something that might be found on the back of a citroen SM. that weird angularity that the french used to do so well. see also the spaceman audacieuse watch. and inspiration from the rinse fm logo.

but the letters of 'small ritual' are an awkward bunch to combine, even pushed to the edge of legible. compare new order - the perfect graphic name. just play with the O, or italicise one word, or even omit the vowels nwrdr.

and the colours - always circling back to the british rail corporate identity.

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